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NYS Green Building Conference – Syracuse, NY

NYS Green Building Conference – Syracuse, NY

What made this year’s NYS Green Building Conference a stand out?
First and foremost, meeting Rick Fedrizzi, Chairman of the US Green Building Council, developers of the LEED building rating system. It was an honor to attend the ceremony which highlighted his accomplishments, starting with his humble beginnings at Carrier Corp in Syracuse, NY.  Rick’s story is very inspirational, as is his book which I’m reading now, ” Green Think – How Profit Can Save the Planet”.  Getting environmentalists and building owners pulling the rope in the same direction – amazing! I think it’s hard to get them in the same room.  I highly recommend this book to anyone with a sustainability mindset.

Another highlight for me was the Keynote presentation, “Impact of Indoor Air Quality on Cognitive Function in Green Buildings”.  Highly proclaimed experts from Harvard, Upstate Medical University, and Syracuse University showed us a behind the curtain view of the on-going research that tells us:  with more fresh (outside) air pumped into our work or learning spaces – our cognitive functions improve – not just a little – but a lot! This means having the ability to better control outside air qualities for enhance both human performance and at the same time control associated energy costs will be become a more important focus.  While energy savings seems to be our battle cry for reduced carbon emissions and saving the planet, we absolutely need people at the top of their games inside buildings! Check out this interesting read about the effect of green buildings on cognitive function –  http://thecogfxstudy.naturalleader.com/reports/.

My previous blog post – “Proliferation of Sensors in Buildings” – suggests smart sensors applications can play a roll in optimizing both energy and IEQ (hey wait -that’s my tag line!)  Thanks to the organizers of this year’s conference and expo – great job! I’m already looking forward to next year! Great seeing old and new friends and clients.

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