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Curbell, Inc.

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Project info:

Efficiency Measure:
HVAC controls
Energy Retrofit. Owner Direct
Curbell, Inc.
Engineering Design:
Entuit, Inc.
7 Cobham Dr. Orchard Park, NY
Key Results:
20% reduction in MMBTU. Estimated payback 2.55 years. Significant reduction in occupant complaints


Curbell Inc. is a privately held company with over a 75-year history headquartered in Orchard Park, NY. Curbell manufactures medical and plastic products primarily for the healthcare market. Their products are focused on the hospital or nursing home patient including nurse call systems, patient monitoring, TV/entertainment, patient engagement systems, as well as hospital beds. Curbell’s management team are strong supporters of local sustainability efforts. Their facility team invited Green Building Partners to look at their HVAC operation to determine if there were opportunities for better control and efficiency. Using  wireless controls and sensors from Entuit, we were able to significantly reduce the electric consumption from baseboard heat.

In addition with new wireless thermostats, Curbell is now able to monitor and control their 22 individual roof top units from a computer dashboard interface. For more precise temperature control Curbell installed Entuit’s wireless VAV boxes in combination with individual thermostats in 12 offices.  Wireless, battery-less occupancy / motion sensors throughout the headquarters enact a more accurate night / weekend / holiday set back period for additional energy savings. Other measures include RTU heat / cool start up sequence staggered so as to reduce peak demand.