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Energy Modeling Study Point of Use Control of HVAC / lighting / plug loads

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Project info:

Efficiency Measure:
Point of Use Control - Plug, Lighting, HVAC
Energy Modeling Study
Cortland Research
Engineering Design:
Taitem Engineers
Typical small and large offices bldgs., NY and LA
Key Results:
kWh savings: 17.6 - 20.1%, Gas savings: 7.4 - 8.9%


This project models the energy use and savings of a typical single floor in both a small and a large office building in two different geographical locations in the United States (New York City and Los Angeles). .

Both existing and proposed building (with POUNCE®System improvements) energy performances were modeled using eQuest (v3.64) software, a DOE-2.2 based building energy simulation program.

The parameters of building location and HVAC systems as typified by building size have been selected to measure the effects of the POUNCE®System on the baseline model lighting, plug load, and HVAC system energy performance. Modifications to the schedules for these systems have been performed based on occupancy and/or temperature monitoring enabled by the POUNCE®System components. The improvements modeled are:

  1. Controlling existing lighting in all areas of the office by occupancy
  2. Controlling existing equipment and plug loads in all areas of the office by occupancy
  3. Controlling the outside air intake by occupancy in the small office buildings
  4. Controlling the outside air intake and temperature at zone level for the large buildings, which are modeled as having finer zone level control

It was found that installing the POUNCE® System in all of the buildings and locations modeled is predicted to provide significant energy and cost savings. The total kWh savings per project ranged from 17.6 to 20.1 % of total per floor electricity use.

Natural gas consumption was predicted to be reduced in three of the four buildings modeled, with a range from 7.4 to 8.9% savings of total per floor gas usage in the two New York buildings and the large Los Angeles one.