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David Gordon

Our Story...

Green Building Partners, LLC with offices in Western New York and Utah is committed to providing better alternatives for improving indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and the transition to clean energy.  Part of our commitment is garnering the maximum utility incentives.  

The principal of Green Building Partners, David Gordon, formed the company in 2011 as a spinoff of  Indoor Air Professionals, Inc, one of the nation’s leading indoor air quality service providers, a company he co-founded with his brother Peter in 1993. This second incarnation is dedicated to bridging gaps between IAQ, ventilation performance, and utility savings. As such, Green Building Partners was born as a technology driven service provider of innovative, smart-building solutions.  The Utah office, opened in 2021, is managed by Peter and Karen Gordon.  

Our clients turn to us when they want to prioritize health and well-being in their work or learning environment – an important sustainability goal. They are finally tired of guessing about:
– is ventilation sufficient or am I wasting energy by over-ventilating?
– is my filtration optimized; what is the actual particle count in the space?
– how good is the air quality; am I meeting established standards?
– if a steady stream of “miracle cures” are working or worth investing in?

Our clients are now making informed decisions using advanced monitoring and sensor technologies (that are not available from traditional industry service providers).

Challenges with traditional sensors have spawned a new generation of IoT sensor platforms that are far more reliable, cost effective, and versatile. These platforms, deployed by our company, measure, manage, and communicate air quality – enabling a data-based approach for helping to assure a safe and healthy environment for building occupants. The new generation of multiparameter sensor platforms address non-human pollutants, such as airborne particles and chemicals. This solves the limitations of old school CO2 only sensors. Now facilities can solve for both IAQ and energy efficiency.

Our success has been marked by highly collaborative relationships with our commercial clients, as well as our ‘partners’, who include: best-in-class technology providers, other service providers (including building automation, mechanical and electrical contractors), NYSERDA, and utility companies. We also engage with consultants, including architectural and mechanical engineering firms to develop bid specifications to bring more practical and affordable solutions to owners that have a sustainability mindset. Yes, we perform the role as a technology rep firm, but provide additional layers of value as we see the project through to a successful outcome for our clients.     (See Projects).

In 2019, we added some new partners who specialize in the development of renewable energy.  More specifically, we became agents for several Community Distributed Generation providers (aka Community Solar). We have helped numerous facilities navigate the process of realizing bill credits every month on their electric bills, while at the same time supporting clean and renewable energy under the New York State’s ambitious climate act.

We’ve learned a lot from working with a diverse set of clients and partners over the years. As we move forward and continue with our commitment to providing better alternatives we feel compelled to share freely what we’ve learned (some of which falls into the ‘what not to do’ category).

If you are interested in exploring how we might extend the same success we’ve achieved for our current clients to your building(s), I’d be open to a discussion.  I invite you to please give me a call personally.


David Gordon, WELL AP