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Wireless Energy Management

Ask us about wireless, battery-less HVAC and Lighting controls specifications for your next project

IoT Wireless Devices and Gateway Functionality

Wireless networks using EnOcean’s chip technology for self-powered devices have been installed in more than 1,000,000 buildings worldwide, making it the most widespread and field-tested wireless automation standard in the world.  Simple, fast installation, ideal for renovation projects. 

Get Control of Radiator Heat

Wireless / self powered thermostats with a built-in occupancy sensor can communicate wirelessly with a valve actuator allowing for weekly time scheduling, and other energy savings applications.

Intellastar Gateway – for unmatched capabilities

  • SkySpark / SkyFoundary software based platform
  • Secure and scalable solutions for Smart Grid applications, e.g. peak-demand reductions & submetering
  • One gateway serves both HVAC, lighting, environmental sensor control, and Smart Grid solutions 
  • Operates as an “edge” device; integration via BACnet, Modbus, LAN or other networks; or stand-alone BAS functionality
  • Fully customizable graphics
  • Communications include 4G cellular, Wi-Fi or LAN to the cloud. Options include having the system sit behind the firewall
  • NYSERDA approved vendor for Real Time Energy Management incentives 

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