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Wireless Energy Management

Harvest the Internet of Things. Control your energy.

Effectively matching your electric and gas consumption based on occupant demand

Wireless, battery-less sensors combined with enhanced RF technology gives you point of use control of lights, thermostats, and plug outlets – saving 20 – 50% of your associated utility costs.

“Energy Harvesting” wireless devices and sensors mean installation costs are drastically reduced. It also means great efficiency for transmission. This of course translates into a better energy investment for you. Paybacks are often in the 2 to 5 year range.


The above motion / light sensor is a wireless, battery-less, self powered, passive infrared sensor that ensures reliable detection of occupancy and daylight.

WEM systems can also provide real time energy measurement - to help maintain and document your savings.

With Wireless Control of Lighting, HVAC, and Plug Loads you can:

  • Optimize loads prior to implementing renewables
  • Relax temperature anytime a space is unoccupied – yes even during
    the day!
  • Control room lighting so as to harvest day light, or simply turn off
    during unoccupied periods
  • Stop patristic loads, e.g. copy machines from increasing you
    electric bill
  • Curtail loads for participation with Demand Response
  • Minimize peak demand charges
  • Achieve compliance with ASHRAE 90.1 2010 and new electric codes at a
    fraction of the cost of hard wired systems
  • Integrate via BACnet with existing building automation system