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The Pines Health Care

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Project info:

Efficiency Measure:
Cleaning and sealing leaks in ductwork
Energy retrofit specification
The Pines Health Care
Engineering Design:
Wendel Engineers
The Pines Health Care facility, Olean, NY
Key Results:
86% reduction in leakage, savings in fan energy and utility costs, Clean and hygienic HVAC / ductwork system, Overall project costs substantially less than installing new ductwork


As part of an energy retrofit project, a testing and air balance study was performed. This TAB report revealed significant air loss as measured from the fan out to the various spaces. To find the leaks, i.e. the locations in the joints and seems where the air loss was occurring would be arduous and expensive. Thus, Wendell considered sealing the ducts from the inside using the Aeroseal product. Since the ductwork system was over 15 years old it was determined there was a need for cleaning the residual debris residing within the system prior to sealing the leaks. Recognizing the two processes of cleaning and sealing leaks were very synergistic, we worked with Wendell Engineers to develop a first of its kind specification to both clean and seal the leaks. The cleaning specification was based on National Air Duct Cleaners Association guidelines and sealing specification was developed with assistance from Aeroseal technical manuals.

One of Green Building Partners trade allies, Indoor Air Professionals is both NADCA Certified and a certified Aeroseal applicator. They were contracted to perform ductwork cleaning and sealing for one (1) existing HVAC ductwork system (AHU-C) at The Pines Healthcare in Olean, NY. This system served various common areas in the building along with some back of the house office areas. All of the work was performed 3rd shift between 8:00pm and 5:00am. Ductwork cleaning was performed from 9/8 – 9/18, 2009. Sealing of the ductwork was performed from 9/14 – 9/18, 2009.

Duct leakage of 1,809 CFM was reduced to 244 CFM after Aeroseal – an 86.5% reduction, thus improving fan energy and utility costs. The Post Remediation Report also includes before and after cleaning pictures of the interior of the ductwork system.

Project Case Study